Putting those biceps to work

Elliott Griffiths
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pashaBiceps fighting match

Illustration by NovaH

If you’ve been on Twitter this week, you might have seen a whole bunch of paszaBiceps with his shirt off.

We’re not complaining.

If you were too scared to ask as to what was going on, he was in a fight. And not a “Thorin fight” where he tweets passive aggressively at you despite having you blocked - a real, in a cage, refereed fight.

It seems to have been a one-off thing - at least for now - and according to a reddit comment (yes, we know) he was probably offered a wad of cash. A bucket of Wonga. A whole load of buckaroos.

The guy he was fighting was a well-known fitness ‘personality’, whatever that means.

Most professional competitors tend to be good at everything they touch; Freddie Flintoff seems to be excellent at every sport and broadcast role he tries, Michael Jordan went into the MLB, Gareth Bale is an excellent golfer and Rick Fox is stuck in silver on LoL.

Alright, it’s not always true. But for pasza, it holds; as he knocked out (warning, it’s pretty graphic) his opponent in round 2. Talk about a plow, eh.

His opponent sadly has suffered some pretty horrible after-effects from the scrap, which is... unsurprising, but still not nice to think about.

Show that to your dad next time he says video games are for nerds.

Just us?

February 6, 2022

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