Questionable Tactics

Gijs Verhoeff
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🥵 Fresh and exciting

  • Is that a new A-exec ENCE, or are you just excited to see us?
  • Finally someone has cracked the code on improving CS. Our only addition would be to stream all games on Facebook.
  • Our very own novah is bringing back a little passion project of his. So for all three of you who enjoy UK CS, there you go.

🌴 Truly exotic

  • We’re not going to lie, that second picture of the new Tuscan had us doublechecking it wasn’t real life reference material.
  • Anyone looking to get an oceanic roster for cheap? LFO just got dropped by their org. Again.

🥱 Boring

  • Thank you CSPPA for the stating the obvious about the coaching bug. Next time we need an open door kicked in, we’ll know who to call.
  • Try not to fall asleep during this upcoming tournament that has Bo5 for all matches. Time to stock up on caffeine.

😅 Whoops

  • Seems like Cloud9 done goofed up in their veto with FaZe. Yikes.
  • Watch out there s1mple, looks like you dropped a truth bomb on Valve by accident. It’s okay, happens to the best.
May 15, 2022

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