Ready for playoffs in Portugal

Elliott Griffiths
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Turns out degster is pretty good.

He’s left Spirit due to not wanting to relocate to Serbia since his girlfriend lives in Moscow, but he’s told the world he wants to play in EU. And with performances like that, there’ll be a whole host of teams interested.

He turned ENCE into mincemeat with a hard carry performance on Dust 2 before OG dealt ENCE a killer blow on Vertigo.

Even NEOFRAG and F1KU did well, despite nexa’s protestations.

Someone else who did well - excellent segue - was m0NESY, who won another spectacular 1v4. Yeah, another one. We know. You basically can’t play this situation any better than he did.

That 1v4 helped G2 to a rousing win against FaZe, who just haven’t been quite the same recently. karrigan made some sort of Faustian bargain to win the Major, and now he just can’t win a game.

OG had previously beaten NaVi, but it seemed they angered God. Not in a Christian ‘he’s started thunderstorms’ kind of way, in a ‘s1mple turned an entire enemy team into dust’ kind of way.

He’s still decent.

Vitality dropped a map, but just about squeezed past paiN. It must be down to their excellent comms; that apEX guy is such a great leader.

As always, if you want a take a look at any result in particular, the link is here.

And today the playoffs begin:

June 16, 2022

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