Red Rio Redemption

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: BLAST

If you thought you had a little time to breathe after the whirlwind of the RMRs, think again.

Within a week of monumental failure in Copenhagen, Cloud9 (and to some extent, BIG - but their failure was more predictable) have a shot at redemption in Rio.

It seems so soon after the RMRs, but in a way, it’s nice for the teams to build some rhythm going into the biggest event of the year; after all, six of the eight Legend teams are in this event, and a boatload more who qualified for Challengers.

Cloud9’s redemption arc will have to start by upsetting the home crowd, as their first game is against the eponymous hometown heroes MIBR. There’s certainly easier ties to kick off an event, but then it’s probably not scarier than Monte.

First, though, we’ve got the small matter of watching NIP vs The Ghost of FalleN Past and NAVI vs TheMongolz to start us off. If there’s ever a game NAVI are nailed on to lose, it’s a BO1 to TheMongolz at the start of an event a few days after going 3-0 at the RMR.

We’ve then got BIG trying to prove they’re not that bad against MOUZ and Heroic vs surprise package 9INE in what should be a superb game to watch.

The aforementioned Cloud9 vs Brazil game occurs at the same time as Vitality vs OG, which seems an easy choice for viewing preference, and the first round ends with FURIA against fnatic and FaZe vs 9z.

FURIA vs fnatic is a completely unpredictable game. We have literally no idea who will win that. None whatsoever. Seriously.

We do then move into BO3s to end the day, but we imagine a lot of you will be asleep by the time the last game ends. If only there was a twice-a-week newsletter you could sign up to keep you in the loop.

April 16, 2023

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