Gijs Verhoeff
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  • Take it e-e-easy. Just play your favourite Russian filled, brimmed with cheaters, and totally not rage-inducing FPS Counter-Strike
  • After his successes with the Pasha London School, our favourite Pole is now starting at the Pasha Fighting School. Get ready for some ass-whoopin'!
  • Sometimes, the truth hurts more than the lies. Therefore, we'll gladly keep thinking MOUZ are a good team, and ropz is perfectly fine staying. Reality can be whatever we want.
  • As much as we see Astralis as a well oiled, ice cold machine, it's interesting to see the inner works of that machine.
  • Nice to know Team Liquid's PR team apparently makes the big decisions...
  • dev1ce perfectly captures that feeling we get on a Monday evening when we realise the week's just started...
December 5, 2021

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