Retake A! Retake B!

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • According to a savvy reddit user, CS:GO might be receiving another update soon containing what seems to be a retake gamemode. We can't wait to skip the entire build up and get right to the dying while retaking B site on Mirage.
  • The smoke bug is not the only bug the recent updates introduced, as SPHAXX over on YouTube revealed how having a nametag on you weapon with text-filtering on could seriously tank your FPS. The bug seems to be fixed now though.
  • Reddit user area1111 must have some tech from Area 51, as he got some frankly disgusting flicks.
  • SuperstituM is back at it again, giving us a refresh of his coldzera video. Napz is still waiting for "How ChrisJ really plays CSGO" however, Mr SuperstituM.
  • FATE have added blocker as they have revamped their roster. No, not adblocker, but added blocker.
  • SKADE have benched Rock1nG and rafftu and added Duplicate and Oxigen. Bulgarian CS has some interesting nicknames.
  • fnx has joined Imperial, as they had been looking for a fifth after nak went to DETONA. If "no fnx no Major" is to be believed, Imperial will be playing at the next Major.
  • STYKO shows us how you can be a support player and a star player at the same time. Nutty indeed.
  • Text's move to a new company, didn't sit well with the owner of his former company, because he allegedly embezzled upwards of $10,000.
June 14, 2020

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