Retakes are really hard

Elliott Griffiths
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  • This chart from SCOPE.GG shows just how difficult it is to retake. We're convinced we win more than 3% of our 1v3's, and lose more than 3% of our 3v1's, though.
  • They're even harder when you're retaking with a BLOODY BABY CRYING ON YOUR LAP. We salute this dad gamer playing in a Danish tournament.
  • Another bites the dust (II) - MVP PK have left CS for VALORANT.
  • sycrone has joined Tricked.
  • VP and OG will be dueling it out in the Hellcase Cup.
  • This clip of silvers playing mid is infuriating, but we've seen it, so now you all have to.
  • We've come so far - some old school CS gameplay came from ave this week and man... it looks different.
  • Grab a mate - FACEIT's new 2v2 tournament with new maps and gamemodes looks spectacular.
May 3, 2020

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