Riding into the sunset

Elliott Griffiths
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There’s bad news, and there’s even more bad news.

Not only did Movistar Riders miss out on the RMR after losing SunPayus, but Astralis didn’t miss out.

The last Spanish hopes’ last shot was cut depressingly short by a Danish quintet known as Sashi, who you probably don’t know anything about.

We’ve all been there, in fairness. We may need to ban Danes from FACEIT and matchmaking.

For Astralis, their blushes were spared as they snuck through on the final attempt, this time with minimal fuss. Why did it look so difficult before?

Poor farlig looks like he has the world on his shoulders at the moment. The curse of replacing device is a brutal one.

At least, for them, they dodged the embarrassment of not making the RMR. For us, personally, it’s a blow. We’d get weeks of jokes out of that.

SAW and HEET also picked up spots in the RMR, while 1WIN - with flamie - beat out mou and Dosia on their way to one of the final spots.

GamerLegion, who seem to have picked up siuhy without any acknowledgement, qualified in a deciding game and smooya’s Benched Heroes qualified by the skin of their teeth.


August 28, 2022

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