Rio Major qualifying tournaments kicks off

Elliott Griffiths
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The biggest shock of the first round of matches was ENCE somehow conspiring to beat fnatic.

The Swedish powerhouse were more like powerless to stop a rampant allu, newly relieved from IGLing duties. With Jamppi looking on, the AWPer went a nutty +22 as one of the giants was kneecapped by the flailing Fins in an explosive start to the Road to Rio.

The second biggest shock is that aizyesque was still surprised that North lost.

Astralis stumbled over the finish line in an unconvincing, but winning, start to the Major cycle. ZywOo wasn't quite able to 1v9 against NiP, and G2 comfortably dispatched of GODSENT. All normal stuff.

Dignitas, the old NiP boys, still haven't found their form from 1968 or whatever, and continue to struggle with Major qualification, losing to Heretics in their first game. In America, things got really weird.

MIBR beat MIBR Junior, Gen.G took out 100 Thieves cleanly thanks to a monstrous performance from BnTeT, while Cloud9 somehow lost to Triumph, who have a player called curry. Best to get ahead of the jokes.

FURIA sneaked past Envy but it was close, and Liquid lost a map to Bad News Bears. Oh, and EG even won a series, something that they've been struggling with recently.

April 23, 2020

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