RIP our Pickems and GG to CPH Flames

Gijs Verhoeff
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Now obviously Astralis wasn't the only team at the Major Challenger Stage - even though the last few years felt like that was the case - and there's a bunch more to recap.

0-3 teams

Brazil really took up the role of going 0-3 this Major, ruining a lot of pickems in the process.

  • Sharks: Despite their strong showing against TYLOO and their three-map attempt at saving themselves against paiN, the CS just wasn't quite good enough from realzin and co.
  • GODSENT: We're not going to lie, we thought TACO would have a little Major Magic in him. But no, they just had to enable Astralis in their climb back from the danger zone.

1-3 teams

The Pickem Ruiners club (and paiN) sees us confirm that being in an echo chamber for a full year is not a lucrative method for winning.

  • Renegades: Member number one of the Pickem Ruiners are the Aussies, who to the delight of our very own delusional MOUZ fan napz, only won against paiN.
  • TYLOO: Come on guys. You just had to go and win that game? The biggest win they took was not against Sharks, but against our pickems.
  • paiN: They really are living up to their name, aren't they? Bested by VP and Renegades, they managed to salvage themselves against Sharks - only to fall to Astralis. Another comeback enabler.

3-1 teams

If you played your cards right, you had these guys in the bottom row of your pickems. You know they'll be upset by an underdog at some point, but they'll make it through.

  • Virtus Pro: Despite doing SANJI dirty, Jame and co. have settled in with FL1T pretty quickly. A small hiccup against FaZe, but they did solid overall.
  • ENCE: Even though they were hard to judge beforehand, Snappi managed to set the path for his team to do what AleksiB did before him - make a deep run.
  • Entropiq: You just know it had to happen. As if ordered by the gods themselves, we have found our Vega Squadron/Quantum Bellator Fire/DreamEaters of this Major.

3-0 teams

Now this one's full of surprises.

  • FaZe Clan: Karrigan shows us that he's still got it, and this time there's no Cloud9 in his way.
  • Copenhagen Flames: As a note to other teams, apparently putting your squad up for sale makes them perform better. It must be the pressure.

And what an insane performance that was. Not only did the Danes beat their local rivals Astralis and Heroic, but they also took down BIG - which aren't small names at all.

They've certainly cemented themselves as the most solid Danish team at this Major. And that not only means that their price tag will increase, but also that their org will be able to reinvest that money in to even more Danish talents!

Anything to get them out of our matchmaking queue.

October 28, 2021

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