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Gijs Verhoeff
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Illustration by Crash_ Source: mouz

Finally, ropz is out of MOUZ’ grasp and moving to, drum roll please...

We don’t know yet!

Frustrating, right? Not only for all the neutral fans, but for the MOUZ fans as well. Everybody needs some closure.

The top tier lurker has been connected to G2 and most prominently FaZe, but a move has yet to come to fruition.

He is definitely out of mousesports though, meaning we can only assume he is still negotiating with his future organization. It has to be FaZe, right?

Meanwhile, MOUZ can not only say bye to ropz, but also to mithR. He’s gone to Apeks Rebels, where he feels his talents will be better put to use. This leads us to only one conclusion: MOUZ has a leadership issue.

And we’re inclined to say that it’s more to do with ingame decision making, than it has to do with anything outside the server, and adding NBK won’t fix that...

If reports hold up, the new mousesports roster will consist of: frozen, dexter, NBK, torzsi and JDC.

Minor EU shuffle news

  • BIG have signed faveN in what they dubbed the biggest transfer in German CS. Nice way to pat yourselves on the back, BIG...
  • Copenhagen Flames will hold on to their roster for 2022, as they were unable to sell it following their good results at the Major. There was interest from Complexity, but that deal fell through.
  • XTQZZZ has officially left Vitality. The former player turned caster turned coach from the French scene has been connected to G2, but no official move has been made. Him leaving Vitality seemed inevitable after their rumoured international overhaul.
  • Astralis have benched two players and coach zonic. I know, we’re shocked too!
January 2, 2022

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