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Let's kick this off with an absolute bomb - woxic is benched.

Yes, already. The Turk has some issues outside of the server it seems, but nothing more has been publicly stated (though we imagine moving across the world during a pandemic might make it tough to get a visa, when you're from Turkey). Xeppaa will be his replacement.

Take a breath, quick. No time to waste.

autimatic, flusha and suNny are trying to find a team as a trio, with no word on the fourth and fifth. We hear MSL and aizy aren't too busy right now. Just a thought. This does mean flusha has been benched on fnatic, with Jackinho being his replacement. No, it's not just JaCKz with a name change and a moustache.

Jamppi is going to V*LORANT, 'cause he's VAC banned. Fair enough. He might have met JUGi there, who was trialed by Team Liquid, but the Dane seems to be staying in CS for now. ENCE are picking up Snappi and TMB to fill those roles.

-chrisj +chrisj might be back on boys and girls. He appears to be out of the mousesports roster, with dexter and acoR replacing him and karrigan, who seems to be going back to FaZe. Just in time for another Major...

BnTeT and jkaem are joining The Boys** in some sort of Asian Minor super team, while kRYSTAL has gone back to Alternate Attax and snatchie has gone back to AGO. All of those moves are equally exciting, right guys?

The final few:

  • Speaking of exciting, North are trialing grux. Cool!
  • FaNg might be joining the old Cloud9 team, while the new one is picking up Elmapuddy, after Kassad left. We almost forgot that happened.
  • Envy finally cut their team. Must have remembered they had one.
  • GODSENT have sold their roster to a mysterious entity. It might be TLDR. It probably isn't.
  • NiP have a youth team. Probably a bit late.
  • degster and Patsi are available. Get them while they're hot!

Man that was a lot. That's ok, we're sure we got all of them.

January 17, 2021

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