Roster-monium! - Brazil edition

Elliott Griffiths
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We lied. We didn't get all of the transfers. Here's all that happened in Brazil.

  • Remember MIBR? Forget everything you knew. Their new roster is just four BOOM players and someone else. At least boltz is back?
  • You might be thinking, what happened to that other roster that was doing well? Well, three of the players, and also coach cogu left, and then trk and kNgV- followed suit. No idea why.
  • In the mean time, FURIA benched HEN1 and signed Junior, a super interesting move. Junior is very, very talented, but American. Eww.
  • They also announced honda as a sixth player. You can make your own car jokes. They definitely haven't all been done before.
  • leo_drk (we preferred the old name) was benched by his old team to play on the team he just joined but elsewhere. Yeah, we know. Basically, he's staying with the now ex-MiBR guys.
  • Oh, by the way, FalleN joined Liquid. We almost forgot.
  • TeamOne made some changes - b4rtin is out, a player who you should definitely keep an eye on.
  • dumau also left Yeah, another talented Brazilian.
  • You didn't have to keep your eye on them for long - it seems they're joining GODSENT. GODSENT leaked their roster move by posting an ad for an editor. Seriously.
  • Some total moron got suspended for sexual harassment.

Brazil went a bit crazy this player break. Nearly as crazy as we did trying to cover it all.

January 17, 2021

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