Rostermania begins - sort of

Elliott Griffiths
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  • coldzera gave a lovely interview about his changing role and time on Complexity. If you don't want to read the whole thing, we'll let you know that it seems he might not be on Complexity in 2022, saying he will 'wait and see'. Like when your dad says 'we'll see' when you ask if he'll move back in with your mom.
  • ISSAA has left Eternal Fire (the Turkish superteam. Crap name, we know) after it was suggested that he struggled with life in Turkey. ISSAA big problem for him.
  • 00 NATION have gone a few months longer than normal before cutting HEN1 and LUCAS1, but they have done it regardless. No twins, no problems.
  • JW has officially left fnatic. Next stop? The retirement home of Dignitas most likely.
  • mhL has been moved back to the AGO roster, which is nice to see. He's an excellent player who looked to be on the path to the top, and hopefully he's back on track.
  • Fessor, of Hyenas and South "fame", has joined Astralis Talent. Yes, he is too good for a talent team, but Denmark is only so big.
October 14, 2021

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