Ruh roh NiP

Elliott Griffiths
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What's the most amount of money you've ever wasted?

Bought a rubbish car that kept breaking and you had to pay to fix it? Got scammed out of a few hundred quid? Flew to another country to go on a date with a girl who didn't think of it as a date?


It could be worse, dear reader. You could have spent $1m on an AWPer just to consistently go out in the quarter-finals.

We gave NiP a bit of time to sort themselves out, and we'll admit we bought into the whole 'they're so far ahead of Astralis' hype just because... well, if device said it, who are we to argue?

But... it's not getting much better, and they're still rocking with an academy player for god knows what reason. device is struggling, NiP aren't winning much and they spent a whole lot of money for not a lot of improvement.

OG pushed them out of the playoffs in a crushing 16-4 win on Dust 2, showing that spending less on an upcoming star is often a better purchase than the established player, as flameZ obliterated NiP.

Meanwhile, Vitality ended Complexity's run with NaToSaphiX - and dunked on Gambit, NA proved themselves superior over the UK (well, Brazil did. FalleN is BACK) and ENCE won 2-0 over forZe in a game that nobody could call beforehand, but everyone did sort of agree was an 'expected result' afterwards.

That's not a dig, it's just... how on earth do you call ENCE vs forZe?

September 9, 2021

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