Ryan is right (revolutionary)

Gijs Verhoeff
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💥 Banging tweets

  • Besides the fact that his statement is wrong and we agree with Ryan (for once), this dude also spelled esports as “e sports” so his opinion doesn’t count.
  • And the award for most puns used in a player announcement goes to: Wings Up!

🏝️New map, new content

  • There might still be one or two kinks to work out for Anubis. Small kinks.
  • Want to rek some n00bs on Anubis? Surprise them with one of ATK’s executes that you’ll definitely execute flawlessly with your mates.
  • Finally, if you’re already bored of Anubis: here’s some other maps to check out.

🤔 Interesting statements

  • Dev1ce is back to being a player now, but he never stopped being a comedian.
  • It might feel like stating the obvious, but yes: the ESL Rankings suck.
December 1, 2022

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