S for Schadenfreude

Gijs Verhoeff
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🚨 Counter-Strike: Criminal Offense

  • RLewis showed us this interesting betting activity surrounding German team schadE halt earlier this week and, sure enough, there was at least something going on. Clearly they didn’t listen to steel.
  • CeRq and Brehze bagging 30k feels criminal until you consider just how good they used to be. Times change man.
  • Looks like ZywOo joined some kind of biker gang with this new profile picture. “Non maman, it’s not just a phase!”.

👴 Bringing back the old?

  • Maybe HenryG’s NFT adventure wasn’t as successful as he was hoping, as he’s picked the casting mic back up again for Pro League.
  • Boombl4 almost made a comeback. With Smooya, but still, a comeback.
  • Speaking of Smooya, he’s back on “EKO Esports” playing ESEA along with Thomas and friends.
September 1, 2022

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