s1mple drowns in Liquid

Gijs Verhoeff
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"Natus Vincere"? More like "Natus Est Non Semper Vincere"

For those of you who weren't blessed with the fascinating Latin class of Ms Boring - so boring we forgot her name - in High School, that means "Born to not always win".

We can see you've all fallen asleep already.

No worries however, because all you have to do is watch the Liquid vs NAVI game and you'll be awake before you can say "lorem ipsum".

s1mple's former team - although not much is left of it - saw themselves take the Major Champions to all three maps, which we all thought was impossible after their Stockholm performance.

Overpass was Liquid's pick, and they took it with a decent margin over the CIS super team. Then came NAVI's pick, Dust II, where they showed us who's boss by taking down Liquid convincingly. But, the win was not without caveats.

As the decider map was loaded up, the last 50 rounds had proven tough for s1mple. Hovering around the middle of the performance table, it became clear ZywOo's biggest competitor was not up to his usual antics. Can you smell the foreshadowing?

The loading screen fades and we find ourselves on the sun-baked streets of Inferno, aizyesque's most hated map. The Russo-Ukrainian mix try their best, with s1mple even getting a desperate 4k to keep his team alive, but it's not enough.

None on the team manage to get ratings above 0.95, and Liquid find themselves standing victorious over those "born to win".

We don't blame them though, after a Major win we'd want an early holiday too.

December 17, 2021

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