s1mple smites Thorin

Gijs Verhoeff
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🤫  Don’t talking please

  • Thorin woke up and chose violence today, and s1mple was having none of it.
  • It also seems like Thorin’s opinion of FalleN really has drastically changed...
  • Although we think we may have found the reason for his sudden change of heart. Don’t worry, a gold coin is nice too.

🐶  Who let the dogs out?

  • Or rather, put them on a leash... To each their own, we suppose.
  • Dignitas tried to go “unfortunately it didn’t work out”, but we all know it’s “help, our players are dog****”. Don’t beat around the bush, Dig.
  • Guard dog Banks looks so proud of his puppies. Yes, we’re really stretching the dog narrative.

🌚  Dark and full of secrets

  • Title of your se- eh, it’s qikert’s description of the upcoming CIS shuffle.
  • We like this fan’s dark humour during his encounter with valde.

🛡️  Check him PC

  • There was a time where KennyS didn’t congratulate Patsi, but reported him.
  • They might also need to check Peacemaker’s coaching demos.
  • We might (or might not) see the return of (not-so) VAC banned Jamppi. Lovely.

New map. New tuscan via catfood:

May 12, 2022

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