s1mple vs ZywOo

Gijs Verhoeff
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Illustration by Crash_ Source: s1mple and ZywOo

The final before the final. The clash of the titans. The climb of the mountain goats. Insert more metaphors here.

It's a real shame we get this matchup so early on, but hey - blame Vitality for stinking up their pants in the Legends stage.

NaVi, who have looked strong leading up to this stage, take on the dwindling Vitality. Only advantage for the Frenchmen? If you really twist the narrative, then you could say Vitality have played more games so far.

NaVi are on a real tear this year, and the Major is no difference, and no player has fallen below the 1.00 line in their rating so far.

Sure, s1mple still takes top of the scoreboard more often than not, but it's by no means a 1v9. He's even being outdone by B1T in rating.

Meanwhile over on the French side, it's ZywOo all over. shox and apEX trail closely behind, but Kyojin and misutaaa really have to start catching up. Or ZywOo has to do it all, whichever comes first.

Before we can enjoy the NaVi vs Vitality matchup however, we have to sit through the dreadful Gambit vs FURIA. What a punishment...

Can arT be in spawn before Gambit win the round, or is Hobbit taking his team to the fiery mountains of the semi-finals? Whichever it is, as long as they don't beat NaVi there, our Diamond Coin hopes will stay safe. Pray to Gaben, and s1mple.

November 4, 2021

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