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Elliott Griffiths
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May this be a lesson to us all.

If you come at the king, you best not miss. Because he certainly won't.

You can throw ZywOo at s1mple, the guy who beat him to the #1 spot. You can throw ELiGE and FalleN at him. Hell, Astralis threw half of Denmark (well, six players) at him. Our God is an unforgiving one.

s1mple smote (which, apparently is the past tense of smite) all of the non-believers, all of the demi-gods, all of the demons in his path. Natus Vincere wiped the floor with Astralis on the final map, and once again NaVi had their star at the top, like a Christmas tree.

Slightly late reference there.

Even ZywOo was unable to stop a rampant s1mple, though it's fair to say his team wasn't backing him up all that much. A pretty nasty choke on map one got NaVi's tails up, and even though electronic didn't show up in this or the final, it didn't matter.

There were murmurs that maybe s1mple was the problem, that maybe NaVi needed to build around someone else.

We think those murmurs might be a bit quieter for a little while.

January 24, 2021

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