Sado-kissed Goodbye

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If you were tuning into the Rio major expecting to hear Sadokist's voice, you're probably wondering where it is.

The answer, it seems, is somewhere between Brazil and Canada.

According to a news report from our friends over at Dust2, Sadokist was involved in an "altercation" and is expected to sit out the rest of the major. Anders, the part-time Skybox telestrator and full-time shitposter on Twitter, is expected to fill those casting boots instead. Dust2 didn't share many details of that altercation, aside from the fact that booze was involved. Yikes.

Of course, this isn't the first time that Sadokist has been involved in beer-related controversy. He once used a racial slur against a person on his own personal stream four years ago (God, time really flies, huh?), essentially leading to his eventual exit from the scene for over a year after that. We also later learned from SirScoots that, apparently, he "fucked up" at a BLAST event and was told to sit out the next one, whatever that means.

As for what happens to Sadokist next, well, it's anyone's guess. He recently changed his Twitter bio to include "Thank you for your time" — which doesn't exactly fill us with confidence that we'll hear from him anytime soon.

Here's what we're wondering though (and we suspect that you, faithful readers, are wondering too) who'll be back first: k0nfig, or Sadokist?

November 6, 2022

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