Sangal take over

Elliott Griffiths
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We’re not going to pretend we know how BLAST’s format really works.

What we do know, is that fnatic are struggling with it too.

Not because they don’t know how to qualify, they’re just incapable of actually beating the teams to actually do it in the first place. On Saturday, Sangal gave them a bit of a lesson en route to qualifying for BLAST Showdown.

Whatever that means. Alright, we’ll stop trolling.

BLAST Showdown is essentially a qualifier to the main BLAST Pro Series, where the teams who fell out of contention in groups during the last BLAST Pro Series and some new teams attempt the gauntlet.

But fnatic won’t be there. Unless they qualify again, or get invited.

Life for fnatic since the induction of their new roster had been going remarkably well, and this is certainly a kick in the unmentionables following that.

For Sangal, however, it is an impressive scalp to take.

Their new roster has been gathering attention as they started anew with fresh, young talent, and really trying to build something. This is a marquee win, a statement that they are dangerous.

soulfly in particular, who popped the hell off against fnatic, had a massive rise in stock price.

Believers will be rewarded.

September 19, 2022

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