Season 1 of Flashpoint comes to a close

Elliott Griffiths
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Day 22 of quarantine: we're excited for MAD Lions vs HAVU.

We're only joking, how could we not be excited for squints sLowi to take to the server?

HAVU have been a revelation in FLASHPOINT, coming from near-obscurity to outing themselves as the best Finnish team in CSGO - though that is a tallest midget/nicest Russian in MM-type situation.

Wins over C9 and Gen.G have really put them on the map for Americans, and trading series' earlier in the tournament with MAD Lions means this should be a juicy match-up.

The winner of that series goes on to face MIBR in the grand final. MIBR! Grand final! We're not ready to say they're back just yet, but seeing FalleN back to some sort of form is definitely a look we're a fan of.

$500,000 dollars awaits the winner of the final, making FLASHPOINT an extraordinarily well-paid event - one that HAVU would never have dreamed of being in the final of until now. Maybe the internet in in NA is just so much better than in Finland; it would definitely explain why ENCE seem to play with input delay.

April 16, 2020

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