Seven games? In one day?

Elliott Griffiths
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Two days left of the RMRs, and four spots left to decide in the tournament.

Aurora vs forZe doesn’t sound at first like a banger game, but both teams have been quietly very good. Anyone whose team has been playing qualifiers (that’s you, Astralis fans) will know just how scary Aurora are, and almost everyone is afraid of forZe by now.

BIG and NIP are duking it out for their chance at being the team who go out 12-14th in the Challenger’s Stage. NIP smacked Astralis, but have been largely unconvincing, while BIG are perennially unconvincing. Are either team any good? We have no idea.

Bizarrely, that leaves ENCE vs Cloud9. Mind you, ENCE have had basically nothing but easy games up until now, and managed to lose two of them. Both teams are very good usually, but neither have been great at this event. Still, it should be a banger. You better tune in. We’re watching you.

G2 and Vitality square off for a shot at toppling Monte, with the winner of that bracket taking a Legends spot. Sadly, it’s at the same time as ENCE vs Cloud9, so we will be watching two screens at the same time.

That’s not all, though, folks. FaZe, B8 and Falcons are waiting in the last chance qualifier with the first three games being played today as well.

This is amazing. Why aren’t more days like this?

April 13, 2023

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