Shakezullah leaves Triumph

Elliott Griffiths
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Logan and aizyesque have spent months talking about how good Shakezullah is on our podcast, talking up his ability to find talent and his massive brain.

So of course, the universe decided to laugh at them, and now Shakezullah (as well as motm and Bwills) have parted ways with the team.

Now, not all is bad, as now some lucky tier two NA team is about to get themselves one of the best IGLs in the region, but it does leave Triumph making even more changes.

We're speculating that he got tired of all of his players leaving and wants to build something... but with NA Valorant popping off, we think losing players might just be par for the course.

Though, we hear FNATIC might need a new IGL soon. Is that too cursed?

May 27, 2021

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