shox horror

Elliott Griffiths

Illustration by NovaH. Source: Vitality


Listen carefully.

Do you hear that? If you listen really, really carefully, you'll hear the whole of NA sigh in unison at the idea if importing another washed up European instead of trying to call up an American player.

According to neL, shox is on his way to Team Liquid - but we're not sure if he'll be taking the IGL role that was rumoured to be nitr0's upon his prodigal return. Paradoxically, picking up shox is the only way this move can make sense, and yet it makes no sense whatsoever.

If you're not picking up to lead the team, why are you importing him as a player; but if you are, he's not the right leader. If the lesson you learnt from signing FalleN was 'we need a different version of the same scam', then we're not really sure what to tell you.

Maybe picking up shox as the veteran to surround him with young talent is the move, but we're a little bit skeptical. It seems more that it's an excuse to avoid the region which you have neglected, and to not have to chisel your own diamonds.

shox is still a solid enough player, but he's not the difference between Liquid and the best teams in the world. You might as well take a chance instead of sticking on 16 and hoping the dealer busts.

It's just so... uninventive. It's such a boring, safe, non-envelope pushing move.

Take a chance. Pick a card. Open a mystery box. Take a leap of faith. Bet it all on black. Drink too much. Have a party. Sleep with someone you don't know.

Erm, what were we talking about again?

November 18, 2021

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