Silly season begins

Elliott Griffiths
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  • BOOM goes the dynamite apparently, as the Brazilian team under that same name have signed 13 year old super talent Snowzin as a substitute for the upcoming Gamer Club Masters V. He can't however play anything else until he turns 16.
  • Even though earlier reports said otherwise, MICHU is apparently safe in the Envy project, as the team is supposedly looking for a roster change. Some nifty changes you got there, Envy.
  • gob b has left retirement - but don't get too excited, he's joining BIG's new VALORANT squad. Call us when he comes back to CS, please and thank you.
  • Quantum Bellator Fire have made their return to the scene with a new Russian roster. Don't worry however, you can't make upsets at the Major if there is no Major.
July 23, 2020

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