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Gijs Verhoeff
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Autumn is a great time of year - spooky skeletons, brown leaves falling down, beautiful sceneries, refreshing autumn storms, and of course the upcoming end of year holidays. Oh and roster moves.

In actuality, roster moves galore as it is. With the Major pushed back indefinitely, and teams now realizing that they can start making changes and try to find the right combination, the rumours are flying everywhere.

Don't get us wrong, we aren't complaining at all, in fact we love ourselves a good rumour and a surprise roster move. Gives us something to enjoy during these dark times.

There has already been plenty of movement outside of HenryG assembling his new team. The prodigal son, jkaem, is returning home Norway where he'll be playing for Apeks, while Python is going to Heretics to fill the space left by Nivera's transfer to Vitality. Ex-Secret players and flameZ and rigoN also join c0ntact ahead of Flashpoint 2. And that's just what's been confirmed so far.

If you start navigating the ocean of rumours and speculations, there's plenty bounty to be found, eh yarr matey? Rumours suggest Liazz is going to Gen.G, AZR has said he's open to a European move, and FPX are said to be in the process of acquiring GODSENT's roster. Maybe this time they'll get a roster.

But do remember these waters can be treacherous, as things don't always turn out the way you want them. AcilioN for example, is set to move back to the roster he left for MAD Lions back in March, Copenhagen Flames. Back in the day, we said the following on the subject:

"The guy did a pretty bang-up job with Copenhagen Flames, but he's not exactly a massive upgrade on HUNDEN. At least we don't think so, but we might end up looking stupid."

Yeah, we ended up not looking all that stupid after all, which is nice for a change.

October 22, 2020

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