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NA fans really can’t have anything, can they?

After a close loss to BIG in their opening game, Complexity had the comparatively free hit of Movistar Riders, who had been urinated on by Heroic in an earlier game.

Seriously. Heroic took the Mickey.

Movistar Riders picked Vertigo - a map they’d gone 0-7 on since August - and smacked Complexity on it. No matter, it was a pick Complexity weren’t ready for - and Col fired back with a huge lead on Ancient. A historic lead.

Well, it became a historic lead once they lost it - because nobody has ever lost a 10-0 T side lead before. Complexity fell 0-2 to Movistar Riders, somehow.

We swear they were good a week ago.

It’s not even like they can take solace in the Brazilian teams, who they’ve tried to retcon as American. FURIA might have picked up a win, but it was over Imperial, and they got smacked by MOUZ. Not helped by arT doing some fantastic trolling.

Imperial, in the meantime, conspired to lose to SAW. That’s a lot of money spent to tread water.

BIG came very close to taking down Heroic, but the Danes stood tall down the stretch to deny them from 10-14 down on Vertigo, making us delete the line about ‘BIG’s bi-annual overperformance’ and rewrite this paragraph.

We’re the real victims, guys.

March 2, 2023

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