Six more beauties on their way

Elliott Griffiths

The show must go on.

Six more games are being beamed to your eyeballs soon after you read this by the wonderful PGL. And these ones are special.

Copenhagen Flames vs FaZe for qualification on the A stream, with BIG vs Vitality for elimination on the B stream? What a wonderful day to have two eyeballs (and two monitors).

The Flames have always been super solid at Majors, and FaZe Clan are the favourites for the whole thing; that could be a very interesting game. Even if Flames did get beaten by Team Spirit in a BO3 yesterday.

You can wash down those tasty morsels with a healthy dose of G2 vs Outsiders and NIP vs FURIA. That could be G2 out of the Major in the group stage, and Outsiders is not an easy opponent to face.

If they’re going to go out, they’re going to do it sloooooowly. Get your grind on, lads.

For dessert, or a nightcap, depending on your preference, we’ve got ENCE vs Heroic to qualify or Cloud9 vs Imperial to go out. ENCE vs Heroic is a battle between two top-five teams - which is a really weird thing to write.

Just doesn’t sound right.

Sneakily, though, Cloud9 vs Imperial could be a banger. That’s a team who are famous for cracking under pressure at LAN vs a team who have been around the block and know all the tricks. If Cloud9 lose that, it could seriously break that team apart.

Just what Cloud9 need to happen to them. Again.

May 15, 2022

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