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Ever wanted a cubism-inspired painting of a CSGO map on your wall?

No? Well, now you do. Look at these bad boys!

Whether you’re adorning your gaming setup with a spicy Inferno poster or it’s going over the mantlepiece in the living room, here’s your chance to tastefully display your love for the greatest game of all time.

All thanks to the talented Roma Bib who designed them. And us for printing them, obviously.

We kinda rule.

The posters ship worldwide and are available…

  • In a bunch of sizes
  • Unframed and framed in real wood (black, white, natural)
  • And printed on museum quality 200gsm paper, for long lasting crisp colours

Why is a newsletter doing posters you might ask?

First off, we love the game and NEEDED to see these posters come to life. Second, we want to build a new source of earning money - besides ads - so that we one day might be able to pay our crew.

In other words, when you buy these posters you not only support the artist, Roma but you also help your favourite Counter-Strike newsletter.

Anyway, enough talk. Go check them out for yourself.

May 29, 2023

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