Smells like teen spirit

Harry Richards
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  • Spirit have added w0nderful, a 17 year old AWPer from Ukraine who has one of the greenest HLTV profiles you’ll see. Will he be better than degster? Probably not — but Spirit, now featuring four teenagers, will be fun regardless.
  • Heroic confirmed the addition of jabbi, a move first reported by TV2 (the guys in hunden’s pocket). Choosing a youngster over someone like valde is bold for a team with a choking reputation, but jabbi still seems like a upgrade over refrezh who has dropped off a bit this year.
  • Apeks have benched Acillion and chawzyy (the 17-year-old AWPer they put in support roles) in a move that will not solve their number one problem: never getting invited to anything. Good luck to the next two fuckers that join closed qualifier FC just to lose to 16 year old Russians every week.
June 23, 2022

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