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Gijs Verhoeff
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🤔 So bad it’s… good?

  • So CC Tour had these truly awful casters who proved to us once and for all that having no caster isn’t all that bad. Of course, this wasn’t the first time a Relog Media partner had some interesting casting.
  • Looks like Harry, Stunna, SpunJ, and HenryG have decided to start a musical career. If only they hadn’t.

😠 Come on, EG…

  • EG.PA and EG.CD are no more, as they rebrand to EG White and EG Black. What annoys us - nay, vexes us about this is that EG’s colours are blue and white. WE WERE THIS CLOSE TO GREATNESS, EG!
  • Also, writing jokes about their main team losing has become a little boring now that it’s seemingly become routine for them. Get your clown act together, man…

Weird org-related decisions

  • We know it’s ahead of TI 2022 and it could change for CS - but one has to wonder what Valve are thinking by allowing VP back into the scene, given their connection to the Russian government
  • Apparently, G2 is out of the VALORANT franchising following the entire Carlos/Tate business. Bit too much of the good stuff, Riot.

👋 Hello, goodbye!

  • We’ll gladly say goodbye to Roobet (amongst others) on Twitch.
  • We’re less glad about GuardiaN’s medical leave, however. Get well soon, brother!
  • But - to end on a good note - we welcome the return of our favourite tournaments: Katowice and Cologne’s dates got announced!
September 23, 2022

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