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You only want your significant other to shout jungle when playing Mirage, and who knows more about cutting long things short than your friends at TLDR?

Keep harmony in your home and make sure you always look trim, neat and clean with The Lawn Mower® 4.0 body hair trimmer from MANSCAPED.

Have you tried your hand at grooming only to get annoying cuts? Yeah, us too. We’d attach a picture, but none of us want that.

The Lawn Mower® features a powerful 7200 rpm motor and SkinSafe™ ceramic blades to reduce risk of painful cuts and pinches. Can confirm.

For a short time, MANSCAPED is giving you, our dear reader, a great deal on their Performance Package 4.0 which could save you 100 EUR with code TLDR.

Even our promo code is nice and short.

Join 8 million other men and show your partner that you care, by caring for your pair. Or just keep it tidy for your own comfort. Sometimes you deserve it.

March 9, 2023

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