Speeding through the Danger Zone

Gijs Verhoeff
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⚖️ Balanced, as all things should be

  • As much as we get your complaint, lacyyycs, we don’t think the intention of DZ’s bump mines ever was to send you flying at death defying speeds across the map.
  • Either FaZe got really lucky with their success this year, or their roster has a perfect balance in performance. We’ll go with the latter.


  • It’s probably fair to say s1mple’s not enjoying his stay in Malta so far.
  • Disgusting glawk action from torzsi to clutch out a round that looked done and dusted.
  • YEKINDAR does his nastiest GeT_RiGhT impression as he nails three and stops the defuse.

😅 Let’s hope no one noticed

  • nitr0 hasn’t quite mastered the mid-jump throw yet. It’s okay nitr0, we can’t all be perfect.
  • We don’t where that sound came from sadokist, but let’s say we’ll keep the F1 references to a minimum from now on.
September 26, 2022

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