Spirit ahead in CIS Major-race

Gijs Verhoeff
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: Na`Vi, Spirit

Na´Vi have finally shown us that they are indeed able to win online. In a tight two mapper the #1 team in the world managed to beat TLDR's #1 team in the world, Spirit. With this 2-0, NaVi have secured themselves the the victory at WePlay! Clutch Island - the CIS Summer event for the Regional Major Rankings.

Despite s1mple's mule level carrying in the last match of the event, he still got outperformed overall by iDISBALANCE and mir, with s1mple only sporting a 1.23 rating - who knew we'd ever think of that as not good enough - and the two Spirit players both achieving a rating of 1.26.

This marks the second win for Na´Vi in the online period, with the first being the Gamers Without Borders charity event; netting $750,000 for UNICEF. Clutch Island was a bit more meager in terms of prizes, but 2,000 RMR points is pretty solid..

They managed to bounce back, despite losing their opening match against Gambit Youngsters, of all teams. In spite of all this effort, NaVi are still outdone by Spirit when it comes to the CIS RMR Rankings, with the latter being on top by only 45 points. Best in the world? Not even best in the CIS, Na´Vi

July 2, 2020

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