Spirit obliterate Astralis

Elliott Griffiths
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The Vega boys are coming, and everyone is jumping.

Team Spirit 16-1 Astralis. Spirit! Sixteen! Astralis! One! Spirit reverse bloody swept Astralis and 16-1'd the Danes on Dust 2, and were a 1v1 on the pistol round away from the 16-0.

Astralis have never been 16-0'd before, but they have been 16-1'd before, and it was on Dust 2. Remember MSL being MVP? Yeah, that's how unlikely it was.

Massive respect has to go to the Russians, with IGL chopper putting up a sensational final map whilst simultaneously outsmarting the greatest in game leader we've ever seen. Yes, really. No, this isn't an aizyesque-driven fever dream brought on by the microchips in the COVID vaccine. Probably.

Zonic: "We're still in, but fair enough"

It was so bad, that Astralis' CCO and co-founder, Jakob Kristensen, thought the team had been eliminated. That, or he really doesn't want his team to win. We don't either, for what it's worth. We're bored of Astralis.

We can relate though, losing 16-1 in match making makes us delete the game for at least.. uh.. 24 hours?

Elsewhere, Gambit sauntered past a lacklustre G2, the Virtus.Plow cruised past FURIA (don't look at junior's score, not after all the nice things we said about him, okay?) and Liquid saved us from the CIS overlords by taking down NaVi.

Are... are NaVi the 4th best team in the CIS region? Like, surely not, but... maybe?

February 21, 2021

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