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Illustration by Crash_ Source: PGL / Joao Ferreira

Evil Geniuses are sinking without a trace.

We’ve ragged on them before, but it’s just getting a bit sad now. We thought they’d at least be solid domestically, but that’s not even the case.

They were dumped out of BLAST Showdown in the first round, which wouldn’t be quite so embarrassing if it was an EU/NA mixed tournament, but they were only on the NA side. Well, obviously.

GODSENT cruised past them, and it was the teenager dumau who taught the old dogs some new tricks with 50 kills, while the experienced Stewie2k picked up 19 kills in the series.

Perhaps there’s a lesson there.

CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson hinted that there may be some changes inbound, but whether she means in the server or out of it we’re not sure. Something HAS to change, though.

Despite the doomsayers, there is talent in NA, you just might have to look a little bit further. Good job there’s barely any orgs left, and so all the players are available to approach, eh?

The second game of the NA side was far less eventful; FURIA clapped ATK in two. Fadey and MisteM went a combined 2-15 in opening duels on map one, in case you were wondering what it’s like to play against FURIA as an NA team.


April 28, 2022

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