Stewie2k has p*ssed off the whole of France

Elliott Griffiths

Illustration by NovaH. Source: EG

Evil Geniuses spent a whole lot of money, convinced a highly respected coach to join their team with his support staff, and convinced autimatic to come back from VALORANT.

All that, just to find out that Stewie2k is, in fact, American.

And we’re not talking about his pathetic rating against good teams as proof of him being American - well, we sort of are, just not entirely. As outlined by EVY, he does in fact have a 0.55 rating against good teams.

Kind of a sly dig, but it seems like he earnt it.

EVY outlines quite how much of a word-we-can’t-use-in-the-newsletter Stewie apparently is. He, obviously, denies that he was anywhere near this bad.

Out of the server. He hasn’t tried to deny that he has a 0.55 rating against top five teams. Probably for the best, that.

Stewie does call it a dramatisation and an over-the-top recalling of the story, which… it probably is. Let’s be real. But if even a portion of it is true, it’s questionable.

Our favourite anecdotes include:

  • The players telling the coaching team their ideal coaching staff don’t really try to do anything because they’ve won a Major.
  • Refusing to take tactical timeouts when requested by MaLek.
  • Stewie2k not calling while the CEO was watching, and peeking without talking in officials.
  • Stewie ignoring MaLek to the point that he wouldn’t turn around when he talked (XD!).
  • Players giving up after round two.
  • EG calling Stewie2k a superstar.

While airing your dirty laundry via a journalist back home seems like a dick move, let’s not forget that EG reportedly cut him without telling him first. Which EVY also alleges in the linked article.

It’s hard to blame him for being a little bit bitter.

What’s next for Evil Geniuses? If this is true, and apEX’s claim that Stewie earns $40k a month is true, they are spunking money up the wall. It’s not like they have ten other players on their books, rea-

Ah, hang on. We might have found a solution.

In Stewie’s defence

Stewie went live on Twitch late at night to talk about everything that happened, and to be fair to the guy, took a lot of responsibility.

He agreed that he was largely to blame and wasn’t cut out to be a leader; even at one point saying that apEX was right. He was incredibly emotional, and admitted a lot of fault.

He agreed that him and MaLek got off on the right foot, and even said confirmed some parts. He explained that the reason he stopped calling at Pro League was because they were already out and he was out of ideas, suggesting they were woefully underprepared.

Maybe he could have listened to the coach he kept saying was trying to implement a system too quickly.

He admitted that he got tilted easily, but also suggested that EVY hammed up a lot of the details for drama. We’d agree on that, some of it was very dramatic.

He told the team that they should get someone else as IGL instead of him, claiming he wasn’t cut out for the role and he’s learnt that now.

We couldn’t help but feel a little respect for the man, even if he seemed like a terrible leader, he doesn’t seem like a terrible guy.

June 16, 2022

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