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Phillip Rasmussen
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Since the Luminosity/SK core shot straight into the top echelon of CS:GO, Brazil has been as synonymous with the game as Sweden or Denmark.

And much like the latter it seems that there is talent in abundance, but only one way to perfectly fit it together. No fnx, no Major, as they say.

MIBR fizzled out, FURIA's aggressed their way to an untimely ranking-demise and O PLANO looks more clueless than all of North's lineups. Put together.

In short, Brazilian CS:GO is not what it used to be.,

So while the rumour-mill is churning out a steady stream of "FalleN + coldzera"-stories, we weren't quite expecting TACO's GODSENT-lineup to deliver a quarter-final run at IEM Winter.

But they did, and along the way they dumped both BIG and Heroic in lower bracket. The Brazilians did come up short against VP and NiP in consecutive matches, but not without forcing the Swedes to a 3-mapper.

The GODSENT boys have played together for a year, and it shows. They have not come a great team, but they are damn hard to beat. And in this day and age, that'll take you a long way.

NiP on the other hand, is a bit of a mystery. They either seem to win flawlessly or struggle mightily. Whether it's working another Dane into a Swedish speaking lineup, or something more profoundly flawed, we can't tell, but it's definitely worrisome.

For now they have entered big boy-territory, and are certain of a Top 4-finish, after winning 2-1 against GODSENT.

How much further it goes for the Ninjas rest on dev1ce's shoulders, as he takes on G2 and kennyS, who is back for one last dance. We dare say NiKo will be the Jordan to Kenny's Pippen.

December 5, 2021

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