Talk shit, get banned

Phillip Rasmussen
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👀 Crazy, but true

  • This is what we envisioned “Return to LAN” to be all about. One of them got banned, but we can’t tell who or what was said. Call of Duty drives you nuts, like really nuts.
  • Did you know that FaZe has held the #1 position in the world for 20 weeks since the team’s inception? Us neither.

👶 Talented or talentless?

  • Getting the chance on the main team, is apparently the easiest way to get cut from Young Ninjas? NiP are changing their academy team, out with phzy and LNZ, in with three players we’ve never heard of.
  • Speaking of NiP, they’ve just celebrated passed their anniversary of signing dev1ce in silence. We’re not the only ones wondering what’s happening with the Dane.
  • Maybe NiP could have gone the way of Astralis Talent, and just chugged dev1ce in Young Ninjas? The Danes had a player out sick, so they borrowed niko from OG to player for their... talent team? Seems balanced.

🧠 Get Smart Or Die Trying

  • There are stats, and then there are STATS. Honorary TLDR-editor, Harry Richards, dive into why our current statistical models are plain wrong, and what we can do to fix them. We promise it’s more interesting than it sounds.
  • f0rest is the Zlatan Ibrahimovic of CS:GO. There, we said it. He’s pushing 34 but still the statistical best Swedish player, oh and he’s answering a bunch of questions in this AMA.
April 28, 2022

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