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Sebastian Lalic
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Accor Arena might not be a restaurant per se, but it still serves hot portions of CS madness. Today's specials combine a familiar flavor with a European dash of spice and The other is… just bloody insane.

First off, Liquid will be facing the spicy EU mix of Apeks. The teams have already faced each other all the way back in the Challengers stage’s opening game where Apeks beat Liquid to everyone's surprise. Since then Liquid has had a second wind and surged into form and you can bet they’re out for revenge. As for the actual contents of the game? Odds are the highlight will be Anubis as both teams have been successful on it recently. Apeks have played it 20 times in the last 3 months and still have an 85% win rate on it. Mental.

Another interesting aspect of the game will be how Apeks’ players deal with the stage. Will the experienced players in jkeam and STYKO have to carry the team? And will rising star jL crumble under the pressure of stage? It’s gonna be a tasty matchup, that’s for sure and the winner will go on to face Vitality.

As for our second matchup, frankly, we’re not quite sure what to expect. If you told us that one of the quarter-finals of the last CS:GO major was gonna be a CIS mix team vs a European mix team… we would’ve 100% believed it. But we’d expect NAVI and FaZe, not GamerLegion and Monte.

It’s easy to see two lesser-known names and be turned off by the game, but don’t be fooled.

There’s serious talent on both sides of this game and who knows how they’ll shine under the stage lights. For these players, this is possibly the most important game of their lives and we have no doubt they’ll put it all on display on the server.

An unlikely quarter-final like this is what CS is all about. Tune in and don’t miss out on the magic. The winner will face Heroic in the semis.

May 19, 2023

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