Team Liquid gets atomised

Elliott Griffiths

Source: AI. Don’t ask.

We’re getting a bit tired of saying North American Counter-Strike is dead, but… they make it so easy.


Losing to Rare Atom isn’t that embarrassing. They’re not a bad team, and Asia is in the best spot it’s been in - globally - for a while. JamYoung and, especially in this game, Moseyuh are excellent players. And advent and kaze are very experienced.

On paper, this isn’t great for Liquid, but teams have bad days and Rare Atom can surprise a lot of good teams. It’s not like they got absolutely smacked on their own map pick and got 2-0’d, or anything

Oh. Oh but they did. Oh. That’s not good.

Losing Inferno is whatever - it happens, you get upset on a map everyone plays and that your opponent picked. But a 16-3 loss on Overpass, your home map? That’s indefensible.

The aforementioned Moseyuh went absolutely bonkers on Overpass, finishing on a 21-6 scoreline, and some of the shots he was hitting were beyond belief. oSee, on the other hand, picked up just four kills.

That’s… worrying.

When four of your players are under 50 ADR, you got smushed. No ifs, no buts.

Fortunately for them, they did recover to beat ATK, but now face the unenviable task of taking on Team Spirit in the lower bracket - who Liquid have had issues with in the past.

That game - today - promises to be a banger.

March 16, 2023

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