Thanks for the memories, Astralis


Illustration by NovaH. Source: ESL

Unexpectedly, Complexity are not going down-down in the earlier rounds of EPL, as they start 2-0 in Group C.

Grim was a driving force behind Complexity’s victory over Astralis on Wednesday, as the North Americans dealt another blow to the former powerhouse.

Despite Astralis having the players with the first, third, fourth, and fifth highest ratings in the series, Grim and co wouldn’t go down.

It took all three maps, including overtime that took map two to a ridiculous 48 rounds total, but the mostly North American team.

Complexity’s squad pulled off a number of impressive plays on that map, including an ace from FaNg and a 1v3 scout clutch from hallzerk.

And then, in what truly is a miracle for NA fans everywhere, they didn’t immediately throw the next series to a lower-ranked team.

They took a relatively dominant win over HEET on Thursday, which means they’ll head into the weekend’s matches looking like one of the best teams in a pretty mediocre group.

Is it unreasonable to already celebrate that they don’t completely suck? Probably. But we’re NA fans, so we’ll take just about anything worth celebrating. BleedBlue 🥳

September 15, 2022

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