That AWP is poizon

Gijs Verhoeff
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🕺Move your feet (and some players)

  • Boys I must warn you, I sense something strange on the team... Situation is static, a problematic AWPer is still in fnatic... Yeah, we’ve never been great songwriters. Anyways, pick your poizon fnatic.
  • Keep an eye on these new Gaimin guys, we’ve been told they’re NA’s up-and-comers. Whatever value that may hold these days.

Important stuff

  • trace is coaching Astralis during the Major cycle ‘cause ave is banned.
  • VP put up an... interesting statement with regards to being banned from Pro League. At least the players can play, we guess.

💪 Hard work pays off

  • ropz is just living in the game, xQc...
  • Twistzz may have gone from student to master, but he hasn’t forgotten who made him.
  • Now this is what you call dedication. Good luck in the next round of RMR xfl0ud, break a leg!

📺 A dash of nostalgia

  • We know it’s a TikTok repost, but someone made a nice 30 second rundown of what CS is. As always, Counter-Strike Source is completely ignored.
March 6, 2022

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