That's a Poney story

Phillip Rasmussen
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  • Riders assemble! DBL Poney are seemingly close to signing with an org, but this time there's no old French IGL to kick bodyy and Lucky, so who will do it instead?
  • Is this overpowered, or would it help you in MM? If Ts get help to find the bomb, it's only fair, right?
  • Oi matey, give me on'a those!
  • Someone got jabbed at IEM Cologne, and 950 tests have been conducted. Not quite the Olympics, but pretty damn efficient!
  • Echoes of what could have been.
  • It's hard not to make a joke about his balls, but we'll refrain. allu is back in business.
  • NA CounterStrike is well and truly dead.
  • Kjaerbye shakes when he sprays, karrigan... well, just look at his face-cam. It's worth it, we promise.
July 15, 2021

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