The 6th man experiment is dead

Elliott Griffiths
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Video killed the radio star, and Valve gutted the dream of Counter-Strike being played with a 6 man lineup.

Well, Astralis did it first by dooming Bubzkji to an eternity on the bench, but you get the drift.

The second victim of the 6th-man curse is Nivera, who according to a new report by, won't see any playing time in ESL Pro League, and potentially going forward.

Vitality was one of the teams that actually tried in-match substitutions and Nivera did see regular playing time, so when the Frenchmen hoist the white flag, the future looks bleak for everyone else trying this out.

The report quotes the Regional Major Ranking rules, wherein a substitution will cause a 20% penalty on points earned, as the direct cause for the change, and it seems that Valve has successfully curbed the ambition to extend the playing rosters at the top of CS:GO.

Nivera joins a starstudded list of players on the "available now" list, including top AWPers KennyS, chrisJ and MSL.

March 11, 2021

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