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Elliott Griffiths
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Pro League came to a close last night and culminated in a five-map epic, with fnatic, bloody and bruised, rising from the rubble with their fist in the air.

It was truly a final that deserved a crowd and a fitting celebration, but sadly we have to imagine it. KRIMZ dropped a legendary performance, with 108 kills over the five maps, that would have been so much more legendary if it wasn't marred by the asterisk of online play.

fnatic took map one comfortably, but some stellar performances from ropz kept mouz in it with the next two, but mouz, as they always seem to do, got blown out of the water on at least one map. fnatic took map four, Nuke, with aplomb, and when the sharks smell blood, they go for the kill.

mouz had beaten Astralis the day before, while fnatic's previous game was a comfortable win over Na´Vi that confirmed their position at the top of Stage 2, and a direct path to the final - which they showed they deserved.

It was ropz who got them past Astralis, and he was their best performer in the final too - he almost certainly would have been MVP had mouz won, but it wasn't to be. The old guard just keep on surviving. Meanwhile it was the young guard that clinched the MVP as Brollan nabbed a deserved career first MVP for the tournament.

April 12, 2020

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