The blameF game

Elliott Griffiths
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Astralis are in trouble. Again.

Their fall from grace has been astronomic. That’s not new news; but another false dawn might be. farlig was supposed to be the AWPer that gave them the firepower they needed, however they need more than a good AWPer.

They need Jesus.

A loss to G2 secured their ignominy, but there was no greater shame than losing to their old friends and new foes, Vitality. k0nfig has become inconsistent in his impact, while blameF’s impact is consistent.

Consistently non-existent. His exit kills are better than anyone else.

Solving the Astralis issue is a tough one because they just have too many role clashes. blameF needs so much space and so many resources to frag out, while Xyp9x looks unable to do it regardless.

Still. Better than Complexity, who got slammed by MIBR’s coach and NIP’s academy IGL in their backyard. junior is… well, our mothers always said if you’ve got nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

MOUZ are another big team who failed; well, we say big team…

Vitality didn’t look great, but even they beat MOUZ. We think they might want to make some changes before playing in front of the ‘home’ crowd in Cologne.

Speaking of Vitality, they dropped out to G2; NiKo and huNter smacked ‘em around to the point that even ZywOo went negative.

Cloud9 took out NIP - who had a stand-in, so fair enough - and Liquid - who had shox, so fair enough. Liquid were exactly as unimpressive as you imagine. Moses was counting down to them getting 16 rounds in the series to win a bet.

That’s how well that series went.

June 2, 2022

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